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Our Story

Durham Broadband History

For over 20 years, Durham Broadband has been leading the development of fibre networks across the Durham Region. From laying our first strands in 2002 to becoming a registered internet service provider, we have always seen the potential of fibre optics to connect our community and develop a modern, future-ready local economy.

We have built a strong network of local partnerships through our dark fibre services to some of Durham’s most prominent institutions. This has allowed us to develop a keen understanding of what it takes to offer top notch fibre internet services for businesses in the Durham Region.

As part of an over 130 year old group of companies founded and operated in Oshawa, we understand the local business community and are ready to light up our network to offer the fastest and most reliable fibre internet to your organization.

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Our Mission

Building a Future-Ready Region

Durham Broadband is committed to developing and investing in a world-class broadband network across the entire Region of Durham, supporting community needs and advancing economic development. Our mission is to build and operate a fast, reliable and affordable network that delivers unparalleled customer service, customized solutions, and access to continuously upgraded and modernized technology, connecting Durham to the world.

Why Local?

We Know Durham.
We're Community Focused.

Community Owned

Our group of companies have called Durham home for more than 130 years. We understand local needs and are committed to meeting them.

Promoting Local Economy

We’re dedicated to giving local organizations the connections they need to succeed and help grow Durham's economy. We thrive when your organization thrives.

Future-Ready Cities

With our insight into the convergence of technologies and growing need for data, we’re ready to future-proof your business and provide the backbone of a connected community.

Giving Back

Built in Durham, for Durham, our company is dedicated to supporting local organizations. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to help those in need.

Get to Know Us

Your Key Contacts

Since 2002, our team has been connecting institutions across the Durham Region. Now we’re ready to offer internet service to all.

With our team of local experts and all-star field staff, you’ll be working with people who care about your individual organization and go beyond the status quo to provide a superior experience. Reach out to your key contacts today and plug into Durham’s network of the future.

Scott Barker

Business Development

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