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Connected Corridor

Enabling connectivity in our community.

High-Speed Public WiFi

Deployed in Oshawa's Downtown core as part of 'Connected Corridor' Pilot


Devices that connected to our free, public WiFi deployment.

4 City Blocks

Area covered by the 'Connected Corridor' from August to November.

Connecting Oshawa's Downtown Core

Beyond offering Durham Region’s most reliable fibre internet services to help organizations scale their business and stay connected, we take pride in supporting local economies.

During summer 2022, we were approached by the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce to work on an exciting project designed to bring high-speed public WiFi to Oshawa’s downtown core before the kick-off of one of the city’s marquee summer events, Kars on King.

Built on Durham Region’s largest and most reliable fibre network,wholly-owned by Durham Broadband, our team was able to rapidly configure and deploy the necessary infrastructure to connect our downtown core.

“As members of Oshawa’s Downtown business community, we were excited to help showcase the potential of public-access WiFi to help connect our community and support the modernization of our local economy. We knew readying the network for deployment in time for Kars on King would be a challenge but by building on our existing network, our engineers were able to create a safe and reliable network for Oshawa’s visitors to enjoy.”

The pilot project, known as our ‘Connected Corridor’, lit up four city blocks in Oshawa’s Downtown with free, public-access WiFi from August to November. Users were required to register once and would automatically connect to the network when in range. Accessed by more than 1,500 devices, the pilot confirmed that free public Wi-Fi can help modernize Downtown Oshawa and proved our ability to swiftly and reliably connect large-scale wireless networks built on the back of our high-speed fibre infrastructure.

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