Introducing Durham Broadband.

Durham Region’s Connection to the Future.

As Durham Region’s newest internet service provider, we are hyper-focused on bringing the fastest, most reliable fibre internet to local organizations. Built on Durham’s largest true fibre network, we are ready to connect your business to the future.

Why Durham Broadband?

Empowering local organizations in our community

Our dedicated local fibre network is ready to provide your organization with ultra-fast, secure, and reliable internet services. As a Durham Region based business, we understand the limitations of existing internet service providers and are dedicated to providing superior service at a competitive cost.

With custom solutions available for institutional, enterprise, and SMB customers, we are ready to help you build a future-ready local economy.

Small Business

Our powerful fibre internet connection can take your business to the next level. With lightning-fast speeds and reliable connection, watch your business accelerate to new heights with your own customized internet solution.

Enterprise Business

Change the way you do business with your own advanced private network from Durham Broadband. With built-in redundancy and dedicated support, you can focus more on the big picture while we work behind the scenes.

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Institutional Customer

Keep your institution secure and connected with an advanced private network from Durham Broadband. With the largest fibre internet network in Durham Region, ultra-high speeds, and dedicated local support, we can help maximize your organization’s efficiency.

What to expect

Our Network Services

Serving local institutions on our dark fibre network for almost 20 years, we are ready to light up the Durham Region with ultra-fast fibre internet for local organizations.

Built in redundancy and a utility-grade network allow your business to stop focusing on your bandwidth and get back to focusing on your bottom line.

High Speed, Low Maintenance

Our ultra high-speed connectivity allows you to spend less time waiting and more time running your business.

Reliable and Dependable

Built-in redundancy and connection to Canada’s two largest internet exchanges provide our customers peace of mind.

Safe and Secure Connectivity

Utility-grade security standards ensure the best internet privacy, allowing you to focus more on your organization.

Ready for the Future

As the local economy evolves, our network will keep you prepared to embrace remote-work, 5G technology, and the IOT.​

Part of your local community

Our fibre network provides high-speed, reliable internet to all eight municipalities in Durham Region. This includes Brock, Oshawa, Clarington, Uxbridge, Pickering, Scugog, Ajax and Whitby.

Whether you’re a small business, enterprise company, or local institution, we’ll find the best internet solution for you.

Outside of Durham Region?

While we’re not available outside of Durham Region just yet, we’re open to connect and explore future opportunities.

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Let's connect

Speed up your internet with Durham Broadband

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Part of an Enterprise Business?

Get in contact with us directly to discuss your unique internet solution for your large-scale/enterprise organization.