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Internet Packages

Whether you’re a lean startup, multi-site regional institution, or anything in between, Durham Broadband has ready-made fibre packages to meet your needs. We promise a safe, reliable, and secure network to help you reach your goals and keep your organization connected. Get connected with the best business internet Durham has to offer.

Enterprise & Institutional

We understand that your business requires fast, reliable, and customizable bandwidth services with unrivaled customer support. Our dedicated high-speed internet and WAN services provide a faster service at a better price by employing fibre to your business from start to end. We will get you connected with a solution that meets all of your business needs, offers top notch, local support, and saves on your bottom line.

Custom Solutions

We have the know-how and expertise to tailor a solution to your unique needs. Whatever your challenge, we can deliver.

Competitive Pricing

Realize higher performance for less. Contact us today to find out how much you could save on your networking needs.

Local Support Team

Our team of experts serve you from right here in Durham, offering the quickest, most reliable support.

Unequaled Redundancy

Your critical operations deserve redundant paths. Our expansive regional network can keep you connected like no other.

Speed up Your Network with Durham Broadband

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